At Kol HaLev, we believe Judaism is meant to be accessible, participatory, and uplifting; spiritual practice should energize and focus us; Torah study should challenge us emotionally, intellectually, and ethically, and be directly applicable to the pressing issues of our day; and that the greatest expression of our Judaism is in acts of service which engage us with the broader world through the framework of mitzvot and Jewish values.

Kol HaLev Events

Meaningful jewish spiritual prayer, study & service in central Palm beach County


Worship to touch the soul through music, discussion, and meditation.

Jewish Virtual Academy

A-la-carte, virtual Hebrew School offering relevant and engaging classes by expert teachers.

Holiday Celebrations

Awesomely fun celebrations of Jewish holidays for the community.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Personalized, meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation and ceremonies.

Virtual Shul

Kol Halev Judaism With All Your Heart

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