Jewish Camp Afterschool

Jewish Camp After School

Started in 2019, Jewish Camp After school offers experiential and creative Jewish education in an informal, camp style setting.
NOTE:  due to the Coronavirus Delta variant, our in-person afterschool program is on hold until further notice
A typical day might include:
2:45 Arrival/Free Play/Snack
3:15 Group Challenge
3:30 Circle time, Hebrew Music & Mitzvah of the Day
4:00 Torah Through Drama
4:50 Closing Circle
Wednesdays, 2:45-5:00 (aftercare available until 6:00)
Coronavirus Safety
At Kol HaLev, our childrens’ physical and emotional safety comes first. All of our staff are fully vaccinated. Most of our activities are conducted outdoors or in semi-outdoor settings, and campers are required to wear masks and socially distance indoors.
Although KHL does not transport children, we have volunteers who bring children from Ben Gamla. If you would like us to help arrange transportation from another school, please let us know and we will try to find someone available to help.

Shabbat Morning Childrens’ Program

Our Shabbat based childrens’ program is a highlight of our Hebrew School program.  Shabbat Torah School meets monthly on Shabbat, and teaches holidays, Torah, and what it means to live a Jew in their daily life. Our multi-sensory curriculum incorporates yoga, drama, cooking, and art to engage children actively in a fun learning process. Grades preschool through 10 (children over 10 welcome in main service). Runs simultaneously with every Shabbat service.  Join us!


Rabbi David Siff – Executive Director, “Mitzvah Class”
Rabbi David is the founder & rabbi of Kol HaLev. He has a PhD in Kabbalah & Philosophy from JTS, where he wrote on the works of Rebbe Nahman of Breslav.
He integrates music, drama, and arts into his work, as well as serious engagement with traditional texts, finding their relevance to contemporary society. He lives in Boynton Beach with his wife, Tanya, and 3 children.
Teri Giannetti – Faculty Mentor
Teri is a Coach and a certified Trainer for “3VitalQuestions Program” which deals with Team Building and moving one’s staff from “Drama in the Workplace.” She has taught elementary, middle school, and high school, and served as the principal of an Orthodox Hebrew Day School as well as full time administrator at a Jewish Community School. Teri brings a passionate belief that every person is a total individual with wants/needs requiring attention, and helps support the development of each person’s potential.
Lisa Fogelson – Shabbat Morning Childrens’ Program
Lisa brings Judaism “to Life!” for all ages.  With extensive background in youth groups and informal education, she knows the importance of hands on, play based learning.  Originally from Oregon, she has worked in synagogues, camps, and schools throughout the country.  Along with her husband, she now homeschools her two sons in Boynton Beach.

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