We offer flexible, meaningful, and joyous Jewish worship. Our services seek to be meaningful even to participants with little Hebrew background, and at the same time invite serious spiritual engagement.
Kabbalat Shabbat: Our musical Friday night service will uplift your soul with classic & contemporary Hebrew songs, readings from a variety of traditions, and Torah discussion.
Saturday SoulSpa: Saturday mornings are the highlight of our community. We offer a participatory, musical, easy to follow service which includes a discussion of a selection from the Torah, as well as a Torah reading in Hebrew and English. We also offer a program for little children of songs and stories and an activity, and a “big kids Torah study,” offering serious study of Torah and other Jewish texts on a selected topic for the week.
Kids: We believe children are an essential part of our community, and welcome them at all services. We offer childrens’ services whenever practical.
Covid Safety: We believe there is never a reason to compromise on safety. All services are currently held online in the Zoom room

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