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Kol Halev is a Jewish synagogue, reimagined
“Kol HaLev” is a Jewish outreach organization committed to meaningful Jewish education, spirituality, and community.  We offer innovative classes and programs which offer a substantive and meaningful dive into Jewish ethics and spirituality.  Our a la carte Jewish Virtual Academy offers both creative arts and text based classes by expert teachers, and all of our programs are open to the community.
“Kol HaLev” means “with all your heart.” We put our heart into everything we do, and invite you to join us in serving God and our fellows with your whole heart together with us.
Formed in 2019 by Rabbi Siff, Kol HaLev aims to offer transformative, meaningful Jewish practice. We offer a Judaism which engages the soul by being accessible, participatory, and uplifting: spiritual practice which energizes and focuses; Torah study which challenges us emotionally, intellectually, and ethically, and which is directly applicable to the pressing issues of our day; and acts of service which engage us with the broader world through the framework of mitzvot and Jewish values.
We seek ways to grow our neshamot (souls), including a variety of programs which are accessible, participatory, and uplifting. We are non-denominational, and invite involvement from people with any (or no) Jewish background or even not Jewish who resonate with our values.

We Offer

Worship which touches the soul: experiences of chanting, discussing, and meditating which nurture and inspire us spiritually, awakening us to the grandeur of being alive and challenging us to utilize that gift to the utmost. Worship that inspires us to dance, cry, and open our hearts.
Torah study which challenges us intellectually and pushes us to be better humans, and bring the light of the divine into the world. For children, experiences of study which do not feel like Hebrew School, but which engage different modalities to give them meaningful and fun experiences inspiring them toward a life of Torah study.
Meaningful action together as a community to improve the lives of others and the well-being of our planet. We also seek to address contemporary issues, improving the world around us through dialogue, action, and advocacy.

Our Core Values

• Inclusive and accessible: We welcome old & young, from all backgrounds and beliefs/observance levels
• Flexibility, creativity & joy
• Impacting the world, addressing the pressing issues of our day
• Nurturing health (physical, spiritual, emotional) for congregants, staff, & the world
• Caring, respectful community, inspiring care and respect in our families, institutions, and the world


Rabbi David Siff
Rabbi Siff has served as a pulpit Rabbi since 2006. He has a PhD in Kabbalah & Philosophy from JTS, where he wrote on the works of Rebbe Nahman of Breslav. He integrates music, drama, and arts into his work, as well as serious engagement with traditional texts, finding their relevance to contemporary society. He lives in Boynton Beach with his wife, Tanya, and 3 children.

Board of Directors:

Tanya Siff, Ph.D
Dr. Siff is a Psychologist with 20+ years experience conducting psychotherapy. She regularly leads Tot Shabbat programs, where children love to sing along with her, hear her stories, and make edible art. She is also married to Rabbi David.

Shayndel Plotkin
Shayndel Plotkin, MJEd is the executive director of the Liumi Center for Purposeful Jewish Living.  “Liumi” which in Hebrew means, “For My People” is one of the most unique voices in the spectrum of Jewish living, providing that deeper engagement and meaning to help bring light to our community and to our world. As a Jewish Educator, Shayndel helps women, families and communities connect to their Jewish identity by providing local coffee shop style classes, workshops, events, spiritual retreats, holiday and Shabbat programming, and Journeys to Israel with the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project.

Rabbi Evan Krame

Evan J. Krame was ordained as a rabbi by the ALEPH Ordination Program in January 2015 and is currently a fellow of Rabbis Without Borders. He has served as president of several non-profit organizations, including the Hillel at George Washington University and Shared Horizons, Inc.  Evan runs the Jewish Studio, a Baltimore based Jewish non-profit that connects people to their Jewish roots with meaningful and joyful events.  He also serves as a founding builder of Bayit, a national organization that provides innovative tools to build a new Judaism.

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