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Kol HaLev Afterschool:  a la carte, virtual classes

Hebrew School Reimagined!

Our Hebrew School offers a la carte, virtual classes including creative arts based classes as well as text based classes taught by expert teachers from around the country.  No membership required to enroll.  For more on our educational philosophy, click here.

Torah Through Drama
Explore Torah personalities and the values they embodied through this interactive class. Using improv, human statues, creative writing, and dramatization, children will experience what it is like to “be” Moses, Miriam, and Aaron, and explore creative scenarios based on Torah texts.
Grades 2-6, Thursdays 4:30
Tuition: $80/month
Mitzvah Class
Delve into the Torah’s vision for leading a holy life, through examining some of the key mitzvot that we can practice every day through stories, text study, and activities. This year we are focusing on not bearing grudges, speaking kindly, and more.
Grades 2-6, Tuesdays 4:45 
Tuition: $80/month
Torah and Today
Take a deep dive into contemporary issues through a Jewish lens.
Grades 5-8: Monday 5:00 & Wednesday 6:00
Tuition: $140/month (nb: class meets twice a week)
Hebrew Reading Groups
Small group Hebrew reading & comprehension instruction. Session time is flexible and based on your needs.
Tuition: $80/month

Shabbat Morning Torah School

Our Shabbat based childrens’ program is a highlight of our Hebrew School program.  Shabbat Torah School meets monthly on Shabbat, and teaches holidays, Torah, and what it means to live a Jew in their daily life. Our multi-sensory curriculum incorporates yoga, drama, cooking, and art to engage children actively in a fun learning process. Grades preschool through 10 (children over 10 welcome in main service). Runs simultaneously with every Shabbat service.  Join us!


Rabbi David Siff – Director; “Mitzvah Class”
Rabbi David is the founder & rabbi of Kol HaLev. He has a PhD in Kabbalah & Philosophy from JTS, where he wrote on the works of Rebbe Nahman of Breslav.
He integrates music, drama, and arts into his work, as well as serious engagement with traditional texts, finding their relevance to contemporary society. He lives in Boynton Beach with his wife, Tanya, and 3 children.

Rabbi Raphi Ozarowski – “Torah and Today”
Rabbi Raphi is an ordinee of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, and is studying toward an MA in Jewish Education at JTS, and has taught in day schools in New York and Detroit.

Jennifer Apple – “Torah through Drama”
Jennifer is a professional actress, who recently played Anna in Tony award winning “The Band’s Visit” national Broadway tour. She also is a Jewish teacher, Acting coach, and artist babysitter, and has run Fairy-tale camp as well as musical theatre at the Perry School. She prides herself in making people smile and laugh whenever possible.

Havivah Giangrecco – Hebrew tutor
Havivah is a student at University of Washington, and has been tutoring Hebrew students for years.

Betty Golub – faculty mentor
Betty lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she was the Director of Education at Heska Amuna Synagogue. She have been actively involved in the field of Jewish education for over twenty five years. She started as a Madracha in her home synagogue.
This lead to becoming a classroom teacher, then branching out into administration. Her passion has been teaching children how alive and vital Judaism is. Betty is currently a board member of the Jewish Educators Assembly and a member of the United Synagogue Task Force for Educational Resources for the High Holidays. Betty serves as our Faculty Mentor.

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