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Our a la carte menu of classes include creative arts based classes as well as text based classes taught by expert teachers from around the country.
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Discover why students say our classes are a “bajillion” times better than Hebrew School!

Mitzvah Class

Delve into the Torah’s vision for leading a holy life, through examining some of the key mitzvot that we can practice every day through stories, text study, and activities. This year we are focusing on mitzvot from Ki Teitzei (Deuteronomy 21-25), which emphasize holiness and justice in our personal life and in society.
Grades 3-6, Mondays 5:00

Torah and Today

What do Torah and Talmud have to say about contemporary life?  Take a deep dive into contemporary issues through a Jewish lens.  Free sample class August 31, 5:00 on “Finding the line between encouragement and shaming.”  Register for sample class here
Grades 5-8: Tuesday & Thursday 5:30

Jewish Heroes Drama Project

Explore the heroes of the Jewish tradition and the values they lived for, through playful activities such as improvisational games, puppet making, film making, and more.  When was the last time you spoke up like Esther or Moses, or faced a challenge like Rabbi Akiba?  Activities will include human statues, puppet making, and creative storytelling.
Grades 2-6, Thursdays 4:30

Maimonides Moot Court Team

MMCC is a national program in which students to grapple with contemporary ethics using Jewish legal wisdom. Students study content relevant to the 2021 case study to help ground their argument, in sourcebooks which contain texts spanning the full breadth of Jewish tradition, and develop a presentation expressing their view of the topic. Culminates in a shabbaton/competition in March. Kol HaLev is offering a county wide team including students from diverse synagogues.
Grades 7-12: Tuesday & Thursday 6:30

Hebrew for Understanding

Ulpan style Hebrew class, with an emphasis on vocabulary for prayer and Torah.  We also offer individualized tutoring for all grades and ability levels.
Grades 3-5 Monday & Thursday 5:00
Grades 6-8 Monday & Thursday 5:45
Individualized tutoring also available; times based on student’s schedule

Does virtual Hebrew School work?  Yes!

Our kids love our virtual classes far more than traditional Hebrew School.  We challenge our students, keep them engaged, and teach them to apply Jewish values to their lives.  Our teachers are experts at teaching online, and use all the resources of being online to actively engage kids, so class is energetic, interactive.  Unlike traditional Hebrew School, which often focuses on Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation, we focus on Jewish life preparation: learning Judaism as a set of mitzvot and sacred stories which convey values, and learning at progressively deeper levels as children grow older.  Our children love Jewish learning–join us and discover why!


Rabbi David Siff – Executive Director, “Mitzvah Class”
Rabbi David is the founder & rabbi of Kol HaLev. He has a PhD in Kabbalah & Philosophy from JTS, where he wrote on the works of Rebbe Nahman of Breslav.
He integrates music, drama, and arts into his work, as well as serious engagement with traditional texts, finding their relevance to contemporary society. He lives in Boynton Beach with his wife, Tanya, and 3 children.
Rebbe Dovid Reisman- “Mitzvah Class”
Rebbe Dovid Reisman has taught Torah and related Judaic studies in Day schools and Sunday schools at the elementary level, and volunteering as a guest lecturer at a the local prisons for over 30 years. Rabbi Reisman loves Torah and working with children. Brooklyn born, Rebbe Dovid currently lives in Massachusetts, and still appreciates the occasional overstuffed pastrami sandwich. When he isn’t teaching, he’s usually involved in Israel advocacy or spending time with his 12 grandchildren.
Havivah Giangrecco – Hebrew Tutor
Havivah is a student at Eastern Washington University, and has been tutoring Hebrew students for years.
Jill Liflander – “Torah Through Drama” 
Jill Liflander is a puppeteer, visual artist, dancer, storyteller, writer and activist. Jill holds an undergraduate degree  in Cultural Anthropology and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. She has studied at  the Harkness Dance Center’s “Dance Education Laboratory” at the 92nd St Y  in NYC, and with the Kennedy Center’s “Arts Integration” model  of arts education.  In addition to creating Early Childhood puppet educational experiences  throughout Westchester, Jill is the Educational Director of the Hebrew  Congregation of Somers Hebrew School.  
Aliza Stein – Hebrew Tutor
After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from FAU, Aliza began her teaching career as a 5th grade teacher and Team Lead in the Atlanta School System.  She also taught as an early childhood Judaic Studies teacher, and as a Hebrew Specialist and Lead Teacher at B’nai Torah Congregation. She fell in love with the online platform in 2011, and since then has worked with hundreds of B’nai Mitzvah students.
Teri Gianetti – Faculty Mentor
Teri has taught elementary, middle school, and high school, and served as the principal of an Orthodox Hebrew Day School as well as full time administrator at a Jewish Community School. Teri brings a passionate belief that every person is a total individual with wants/needs requiring attention, and helps support the development of each person’s potential.

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