Tomorrow night: Practical Jewish Ethics

Tomorrow night: Practical Jewish Ethics

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Dear Friends,

I am writing to remind you about our awesome class tomorrow night at 5 for preteens & teens!  Rabbi Andy Katz will be teaching on the topic of shaming, exploring the line between sha​ming and rebuke, looking at current issues (mask shaming, health shaming, etc) as well as talmudic sources.  This is the first class of what will be an amazing year of study of practical jewish ethics; please join us!  We are asking people to register at:

For elementary aged children, we are offering a sample of our Mitzvah Class on “When is repentance complete?” taught by Sarah Rosenson (grades 2-6) September 13th, 5:00. register here.

Looking forward to sharing some deep and relevant torah study this year.

Rabbi David Siff

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